I demand a re-write.


So, I have been watching this series on Netflix, I won’t go into specifics except that it is not the Twilight Zone. That narrows it down, now you figure out the rest.

I was mostly watching it because I started the series when I was a teenager, but quickly lost interest. Upon seeing it on Netflix, I realized that I could watch the series in its entirety and decided to try.

It’s a common thing to do in a story to add a love triangle for the characters. It provides plot and interest. Also, I think a lot of people relate to a love triangle because almost every crush eventually becomes a love triangle.

Just to voice my frustration in a nutshell: The girl didn’t end up with the guy that I wanted her to.

I once heard that people more associate and root for the guy that was there first. The first male character to be introduced is the one that the audience will go for. The first love interest is the one that the audience wants.
Apparently not in this show.

In the end the guy that was there first said that the girl was more of a mother to him if anything. I would like to comment on this:
There are…certain things that you do not do with your mother or someone who reminds you of your mother.
(Reminds me of this)

I think this keeps bugging me so much simply because the show was something I remembered from my past and was simply watching it to reminisce. Maybe it wouldn’t have been so upsetting if I had actually finished the show as a teenager.
I just feel like the writer of this show should have been more considerate of the fact that the second guy was all wrong for the girl and the writer should have consulted me before making such a crap ending.

This is really bugging me. Ruined my teenage years.



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