I’m here promoting invisibility

Occasionally I will get a call to work part-time as a promoter in varies places in town. That’s the joys of living in Las Vegas, unemployment can have small bursts of employment. It’s quite fun actually, but a lot of people do it as a regular job and they have a sort of click to it. So it’s not something you want to do on a regular basis.

So, my work ethic has always been something that has been questioned by myself and my parents. I think most of the time parents automatically assume you aren’t a hard worker. Innocent until proven guilty there.
But I’ve always questioned my work ethic simply because I’m a very laid back person and at home I am very lazy. I’m messy.

Well the past weekend I was working a temporary promotion because person who was supposed to be working it had to go in to get surgery and in 2 months couldn’t tell anyone she was not going to make it.  So they called me the morning of to go and work instead of this woman.
Well she had all of the materials for promoting the product, including the uniform. So I had nothing to promote this product with and I literally just stood there for 6 hours a day, 3 days. Doing nothing.

I actually had a customer walk by a few times and finally he said “How do I get your job? That’s the life right there.”
Uhh, not really. I know it seems like a great job to stand in one spot doing nothing and you get paid to do it. But think about it, all I am doing is standing there for 6 hours. I can’t text, can’t listen to music, no one really wants to talk to me. Just stand there.
6 hours was like 6 years.

When the “auditor” from the company came out to check and see if I was doing everything right, he was kinda surprised to just see me standing there doing nothing. I had to explain the situation.  He told me that he was glad that I could come on such short notice and he was sorry that this happened.
But honestly I felt sorry for him. His company is the one paying me to stand there and do absolutely nothing. I wish I was doing something that makes it worth it, but there was nothing to do. That company wanted to pay me quite a lot to stand there.

I don’t have much else to say on the subject, I just felt like discussing it.
That is all.



3 thoughts on “I’m here promoting invisibility

  1. I would have drawn moustaches on my fingers and been a different person every ten minutes. That is 6 people per hour. 36 personalities in one day. Time would fly.

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