Your Blogs Spam Filter

So, people like to blog. It’s become a very popular thing. I was actually browsing the internet the other day and the fact that all of the majour news companies have blogs updated frequently and they have  a comments section for users.
What does this mean? Well to me it meant that blogs have now replaced newspapers and even the channel news in a lot of ways. Blogs are now the way the people communicate information and learn a lot of information.

For example, H.T. Sundance is a guy that follows my blog. Mostly he blogs about different writing tips and what not, but he was telling me the other day that one of his most viewed posts is about a virus that he wrote on how to prevent it from eating your computer and stealing your soul.
Viruses can do anything nowadays.  But multiple people everyday search for help on this virus and come to his blog. And he is just a normal guy, not some tech guru with all the answers.

Yesterday I was chatting with a blogger who shall remain nameless. But if you want to guess, his name starts with an N and rhymes with Flan.
He was upset that he wasn’t sure if people even read his blog and that he was going to bore people to death with the things he writes. Well personally I read every post he writes, except his book reviews, and multiple times I have thought he has the best ideas for posts and that I wished I could come up with fun ideas like him.
But of course you can’t tell people who when they are telling you they don’t feel appreciated, cause then they just think you are saying that to make them feel better. When honestly, I just had an unsaid admiration for you, I don’t care if you feel better.

The silly thing about this guy’s blog is that every post he writes, he gets at least 4 different long comments on it. At least. I’m lucky if I get one. AND! The dude has 258 subscribers, I’m so happy with my 52 but 258? That’s crazy. He is reaching 258 people, that’s a small undiscovered Amazon village right there. He could be king of the village. Goodness.
But it’s hard to think that you are really making a difference when you aren’t writing How To articles. Yet I’m sure he helps people by being entertained and he’s kinda funny. So there you go.

The point I’m getting at is that we now live in a world where  anyone can have a voice to a group of people. This is a good and bad thing, but definitely an empowering thing.

I have this way to decide if you are really making a difference or not. Go to your Dashboard and look at the number of Comments you have, but skip to the last line.
So many people are worried about the number of approved subscribers they have. Not me. I like to look at the number of Spam comments I have. Every week I clear them out so I can keep track again. As the more Spam comments I receive, the more of a difference I feel I’m making.
Why? Spammers don’t want their name on a blog that has no traffic. What’s the point to that?

If your Spam box is empty or low….I’m sorry. Yikes.


9 thoughts on “Your Blogs Spam Filter

  1. I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog, and I’ll have you know that the virus post no longer receives 100+ hits a day (like it was getting). Now it only gets like 5 a day.

    It’s sort of depressing. I think everyone updated their antivirus and that the System Check virus is useless now. Damn.

  2. I’ll have to check out H.T. Sundance’s blog. Not for the virus thingy but the writing tips. You have a natural voice for blogging. It’s very entertaining. I hope you get lots of spam this week because you sure do deserve it.

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