Psychologically I’m blue…

Recently I was doing my laundry, because I do it more than once every 3 months which I have led you people to believe. I’m not exactly sure why I am always talking about me doing my laundry on my blog, but apparently it’s a reoccurring topic for me. That’s exciting. I’m sure everyone wants to hear about my laundry, cause their’s isn’t exciting enough.

Anyways, as I was doing my laundry, I noticed that anytime I decided to do my laundry, I would always do my blue/green wash load first. Why? Because that’s what colour  most of my clothing is. Blue, not green. It’s actually to the point

I thought that this was pretty interesting seeing as Blue is not my favourite colour and really never has been. For awhile it was my least favourite colour, yet most of my clothes are blue, I like to decorate in blue, most of the things I buy are blue and half the time when I do my nails they’re blue. All of underwear is blue.
My eyes are green. I just thought I would throw that one into there.

So I decided to Google what is meant if the colour you are most drawn to and surround yourself in is blue. I found some interesting facts, I’m not sure if it says anything about me as a person or my personality, but more just how the colour blue makes people feel.

The colour blue apparently gives off feelings of serenity and calm. So if you are feeling stressed out, it can make you feel calmer. But on the flip side, it can also make you depressed. So I’m trying to figure out if that means I like peaceful things or if I just like being depressed.

Turns out that the colour blue is actually preferred by most men, which I kinda already knew because anytime you ask a man what his favourite colour is, there is a higher chance that he will either say blue or red than any other colour. Now, I didn’t do a study or a survey on that, it’s just an observation.

Interestingly enough, wearing blue supposedly promotes  more creativity and lessens your appetite. Clearly the colour blue makes people want to throw up. But in an artistic way.

Anyways, a very unexciting post. You’ll get over it.


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