Oh Valentine’s Day

So, today is the day and I’m seeing a lot of posts on Twitter about how upset people are at being alone. Take me for example, I just woke up, haven’t exactly posted on Twitter yet.

Besides Twitter, my older sister is upset. It’s the first time in 4 years that she has not had a Valentine….Okay. Now I could VERY easily slip into this Valentine’s Day Depression. Very easily. This morning I had to hear about my one younger brother with his Valentine and 6 wanna-be Valentines, my other younger brother says he can’t choose a Valentine and my 9-year-old sister is worried about what her card board Fun Dip cards say because she received two love letters from boys in her 4th grade class this week.
I’ve never once in 20 years had one Valentine. Yikes.

The way I avoid this depression is simple. I really just don’t think about it. If something is going to upset you this much, just don’t think about it. I know Valentine’s Day is a nice holiday, but it’s not unavoidable like Christmas. You can not think about Valentines day. Especially cause most of the gifts you would receive (like a plastic light-up rose or a teddy bear with a huge heart in its hand) aren’t things you would really want anyways. Or something you will ever look at again.

So what has replaces my thoughts instead of Valentine’s Day? Well….

What up One Year Anniversary of my Blog?

You may be wondering how having had a blog for one year makes me feel? I honestly feel like taking a Sharpie and writing “Not A Quitter” across my forehead. I am so excited right now. A lot of people thought my blog was just a phase I was going through. A one year phase? PFF! I don’t think so.

Now obviously I realize the fact that I’m an extremely accomplished blogger can’t replace Valentine’s Day for everyone. In fact, I’m sure most people don’t want to even read a post that is not about Valentine’s.
So what I’ve decided to do is simply to re-post the Valentines posts I made last year when no body read my blog at all. Because I thought one of them was really funny. I will also re-post my favourite blog post I have written. Cause I enjoy that.

315 blog posts. Not a Quitter.


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