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Now, this is still one of my favourite posts ever. A lot of people may have noticed that I think I’m really funny. Not funny as I’m making you laugh, funny as I’m laughing. Well to this day, a year later, I’m still laughing about this one. Apparently no one else thinks it’s that funny, but I feel like very witty when I think about it.
Oh well.

Originally Posted February 16, 2011 at 9:16 a.m. 

Titled: Left over Valentine’s Day Hearts.

Sitting here trying to work, which isn’t working cause obviously I’m on my blog. I’m starving and I look to my right and what do I see? The time old, kinda really gross, Valentine’s day heart candies. They aren’t always THAT bad, but I seriously wonder how they have become so popular and practically a symbol for the holiday.

The reason I am posting about it is because, the phrases are starting to get to me. They are like fortune cookies. For example:

Purple “U Can Do It” – What? What am I trying to do here?
Green “True Love” – Who’s true love? Yours or mine? Can I meet this true love?
Blue “Wink Wink” – I support that.
Pink “Go Go Go” – What the heck? I am not a dog.
Yellow “My Team” – I think I just got recruited in the army?
Green “Boogie” – Man.
Pink “Pick Me” – Oh, uhh okay. For what? Dodgeball?
Yellow “Linda” – WOAH! My name is Corrie.
Orange “Ur Hot”
– Are you watching me?
Blue “Play Now”
– Play what?
Yellow “Say Yes” – To What? Drugs?
Purple “You Roc” – You can’t spell.
Orange “Step Up” – This is starting to sound a lot like an aerobics video.
Green “Let’s Ride” – No comment.

Obviously I got a little ridiculous there, but still. What the heck? I’m just wondering who comes up with these sayings and thinks “Oh Yeah, that’s romantic.”


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