Things the Dentist says to me.

I went and saw my family dentist the other day. He is Asian and he calls me sweetie. Weird.

Anyways, he likes to talk a lot and because the dentist makes me nervous I end up talking a lot as well. Even with his hands in my mouth. And of  course he kept saying things I didn’t understand, so how was I not supposed to question him?

Well, finally he started to say stuff to me. Like when they stuck the thing that sucks out all of your spit in my mouth, I couldn’t help but feel like it was sucking out my soul. So I started laughing, because having your soul sucked out feels funny.
Well he starts saying “Why are you laughing? We haven’t even gassed you yet.”  And I thought he was Asian, not German.

When he was done, he said to me “You’re family is full of good people. They don’t give me any trouble. They just sit there or listen to music or even fall asleep. They are good patients…except you.”

Apparently a good dental patient doesn’t say anything or ask questions. They usually just sit there. Dangit.


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