The Devil, At your service.

I’m in love with the Twilight Zone. One of my favourite TV shows. I don’t mind black and white and Mr. Serling is my freaking favourite. Plus, after watching a couple of episodes in the dark, I have a wonderfully beautiful appreciation for colour around me.

Anyways, the episode I am watching right now is called The Escape Clause. There is a man who is a douche and a hypochondriac, extremely rude to his wife who takes care of him night and day.
So he makes a deal with the devil to be immortal in exchange of for his soul. He cannot age or even be hurt. So, for excitement he kills his wife cause he is quite frankly the biggest douche bag available. Feels no guilt. Then he goes to jail for the rest of his immortal life and begs the devil to kill him.

The thing that always get’s me about people in movies who apparently sell their souls, nothing happens to them. They are either just as cruel as they always were or they feel the guilt of dealing with the devil.
But what I can never understand is, without a soul I would imagine that a person would have changed. They say that the soul of a person is the essence of their being, so wouldn’t that mean without it they wouldn’t be the same person.
Yet in the movies/shows they are always the same. Every time.

I just feel like without my soul, I wouldn’t be me anymore. And I don’t understand the kind of person who makes a deal with the devil. The second I knew that he was the devil, I couldn’t do business with him. I have a horrible inability to work with people who I know aren’t ethically correct.

Anyways, if you want my soul, YOU CAN FORGET IT!


2 thoughts on “The Devil, At your service.

    1. I actually have watched them consistently in forever. But I just found them on Netflix and I suddenly realized what that song Reunited was all about.
      I’ve started at episode one and I’m working my way through again.


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