I had a dream last night..

I don’t know why I post so often the crazy dreams I have, I guess it’s just a way to tell someone about them.

Anyways, last night I took an herbal sleeping pill because I was mad at someone. You see, if you are mad you can take pills to make it better, or to avoid them so you don’t say something foolish because I wasn’t justifiably mad at this person, I was just mad at them.
Or it could have been justifiable, I’m not sure. The point is that I was angry and I took a sleeping pill and 9 hours later I’m not angry anymore.
Whenever I take a sleeping pill, I always end up having some form of a crazy dream. That’s what makes taking sleeping pills so fun for me, but not really.

So my dream first started off with me going on a camping trip with a bunch of other people my age. Well, no one would talk to me. Then after we slept through the night, the next morning I woke up (in the dream) and everyone was still being rude to me. Then they said it was because I was wearing the same clothes I had yesterday and I hadn’t showered.
Well, we were on a week-long camping trip, I thought that’s what happens when you go camping. So I told them that they were being petty and immature.

Then like most mature adults, I called my mother to come pick me up. Except I had a car there, so I’m not sure what calling my mother was all about.
Well as I was driving home, I got pulled over. The interesting thing was that I was pulled over at the light on Elkhorn and Durango, in my dream there was a Jack-in-the-box there, when in real life there is a FedEx.
Anyways, I was arrested, but they let me go once I was downtown, but then the ladies behind the counter wouldn’t give me back my keys and they just kept talking to me.
Then I woke up.

I think the interpretation of this dream is pretty clear. I should share sleeping pills with people.


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