I had a slurpee for breakfast.

Someone close to me requested that I write about this topic. I think the only reason he requested it was because I called him at 5:00 am to tell him that I was going to get a slurpee for breakfast.
Just one of the many fun things that could happen to you if you were my friend. I was taking my brother to work and it just felt so right that I had to tell someone.

I saw this earlier today on a slurpee facts sheet.

Average Slurpee drinker is a 30-year-old male


The thing about breakfast is, it’s the most important meal of the day. (Arrested Development?)
I just feel that if it’s the most important meal of the day, it should be something really enjoyable. That’s why they made doughnuts. I have to admit the best doughnut I have ever tried can be found at 7/11. Bonus? It’s pink with sprinkles. That’s like a party in my mouth.

When I was a teenager I didn’t like syrup that much on my pancakes. So whenever I made pancakes or waffles for my  little brother and sister, I would put ice cream on top instead.

I feel like a day should be started off with a sugar rush. It will wake you up. Cause let’s be honest, if the world ended today, I’m pretty sure a lot of people would be depressed that they had oatmeal for breakfast.

That is all.


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