The Internet Went On Strike

One thing that I have heard about myself is that I am very “nonjudgmental” especially for someone who is religious. Apparently I don’t seem like a religious person because I’m not forcing ideals on people.

When it comes to ideals, I have given up on trying to talk about them or convince people of my ideals.  I don’t want the job of trying to change other people. It doesn’t pay well.
So I mostly keep quiet about them. The only problem is when people then ask me about my ideals or opinions, they are surprised at how strong my opinions are.

Anyways, I gave up protests and such when I was younger because no matter how much I protested, things really didn’t change. It’s depressing, but true. But I did do the black out strike.

So, is it sad that when I heard about the SOPA and PIPA laws  the first thing I thought of doing was to hug my computer and yell “DON’T TAKE MY LIFE AWAY FROM ME!”
Yes, my life is on the computer. I don’t do much else. It’s again depressing but true. It’s where I work, it’s where I play and it’s where I spend almost all my time.

So, I blacked out all of my websites today, that was not easy at all. I was very sad to see them blacked out, imagining them like that forever and the possible 5 years in jail was very hard on me. Emotional day, as you can imagine.
I also signed multiple petitions and called 3 representatives for Nevada. In the end I’m not sure if it will do any good, but I gave it my best effort I would say. And the results seemed pretty positive.

In the end, if it is supposed to happen it will happen. I guess I believe in fate because it this is the future, I’m not sure there is anything we can do about it. BUT! I also feel that taking on the entire internet was a brave thing to do for whoever wrote these bills. The whole internet seems like a worthy foe.
SO! I propose, if the government is as corrupt as it seems, I propose that Google, Twitter and Facebook all buy off the politicians seeing as they have the money and they are all clearly against it.

Wikipedia shouldn’t have to though. That just wouldn’t make sense.


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