I do computer…stuff

I’m pretty sure this is a boring post.

When I was 14 years old I was so addicted to the internet that I was able to figure out a lot of the codes and start designing websites. I also learned how to hack into people’s computers, but that is a different story. Plus I promised not to do that anymore. Heh.
Anyways, since I was 14 I’ve designed over a hundred different websites.

It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I realized that people were now wanting to use Social Media to advertise, so I took some classes on it and advertising with Social Media came easy because I was so tech savvy. Most of the time I don’t use the stuff I have learned on my own things like my blog/twitter/Facebook simply because I do it all day and it seems annoying to do it after work too.
So for a while I worked as an independent consultant for different companies, mostly in Las Vegas but some in other states. After awhile my father decided that he wanted me to work for him alone, because he has so many different companies he owns.

The problem with working for your father is he has a lot of expectations. More so than a regular employer.
I don’t know where I was really going with this, I just felt like talking about it.

That is all.


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