This Working Out Thing

I used to be a pretty fit person, once upon a time. I wasn’t skinny, obviously I fall into that category of people who haven’t been skinny. But I was pretty fit. I could run for long periods of time and I was pretty toned/muscular.

Well, I have been dieting for the past few….forever. Anyways, I have gotten pretty skinny, but the only problem is I don’t work out. So if suddenly someone chases me, I’m screwed. I can’t even run a little bit.

So one of my Resolutions like most people is to start working out again. Another was to be able to run a mile without getting too worn out, which is hard when you are out of shape.
I decided before I start running though, it would be better if I did some toning exercises on my legs and body, instead of just trying to build up that muscle by running.

Well anyways, I worked out yesterday and my legs feel like they are going to fall off. They hurt when I walk, run, sit and dance. That’s ridiculous. Supposedly that’s a good thing, that I worked muscle that I normally don’t. But it doesn’t feel like a good thing.

Another one of my resolutions is to think about running a marathon. Last year a lot of people I knew ran marathons, so I figured there must be something to that. But I don’t really want to do one right now. So my resolution is just think about it. Cause positive thoughts leads to actions and with the way this is going, in about 5 years I might actually sign up for one.
I’m okay with that.

That is all.


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