Teenage Love


If there is one thing that I can never understand it would be teenage love. Probably because I never had it. I did have a guy in my high school follow me home one day, that was special. But it still seems to perplex me though.

First off, my younger brother is about 13 years old. A few months ago he told me he had a girlfriend and they were “dating”. I’ve heard a lot of teenagers say this before.
How can you date someone when you can’t even drive? I’ve heard of kids having their parents drop them off for a date, but I don’t think that counts.
Mostly what teenagers do is hang out together. Then there is always the issue of them saying they are in love with each other. I didn’t know what love was when I was 15. I can’t imagine they do either.
There is a girl who is about 16 years old who I happen to know who is always saying she will be with her boyfriend forever and they are in love and going to get married and have children together.
I wasn’t emotionally equip enough when I was 16 to say who I was going to have children with.

But I can’t blame them really I suppose. It’s basic human instinct to be searching for love and people to witness our lives. It’s just so much more petty and dramatic when you’re a teenager.

Second thing I don’t understand, my sister has a co-worker who is 22 years old and he has been dating his girlfriend since they were both 13. 9 years is a long time to be committed to someone. I find that hard because I would get bored with this as a teenager. Teenage years aren’t the time you want to be committed to someone. Being together from age 20 to 29 isn’t so weird. Maturity changes your ability to commit.
What really gets me about this is….you watched her go through puberty? You were in a relationship with her while she was developing. That’s so awkward in my mind.
Now obviously he was young at the time too, so it didn’t seem so weird probably. But still.

I’m just sort of glad that I didn’t have a teenage love because that just seems like a whole lot of drama that I couldn’t handle. And I’m pretty sure most of the drama would come from me. I was a very emotional teenager. That’s not fun.
Poor Guy.



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