Wait! When did I get old?

Yesterday I was standing in the kitchen with my mother and my younger brother. I’m not exactly sure what we were talking about, but I made a reference to NSYNC.
My brother then started asking over and over again what NSYNC was. Finally we both explained what the band was. Right afterwards, my mother turned to me and said “Makes you feel old, huh?”

Yes. Yes it did.
Old and Wise. Or just Old.
Who knew that was going to happen so fast? Cause honestly, I feel like I’m still considered young in a few ways.

It seems the rising generation knows nothing about the boy bands of its past. I don’t feel they should be educated on it. Just like I would hope that the next rising generation shouldn’t be educated on Justin Beiber and other various hip-hop artists.
The only reason that I like NSYNC is because I grew up with them. I got their album on my 7th birthday. You can’t just throw that kind of history away. Is it embarrassing? Not so much now that no one knows who NSYNC is. They only know Justin Timberlake as acting like he’s black and an actor.

I’m just saying, sometimes we really only like these artists because they were what’s on the radio as we were growing up. And yeah, I do still listen to NSYNC and I’m not that old. I just decided.


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