Eh, Blogging

On March 10, 2011 I had 123 views. That was my busiest day. I had written about the Rapture and dying a horrific death by the Rapture. Luckily it was being searched so often in Google that I received quite a little boost that day, then it fell the next.
My blog isn’t very popular, I just pretend it is.

It has always seemed to me that blogging comes easier to others than it does to me. Most of the time I have things that I want to talk about, but I never really feel like my topics are quite as insightful as others.
For someone who has spent as much time as I have online and fulfilling online relationships, I often feel at a lack on my blog.

What usually happens is that I write a blog post that I find funny, usually my sister will come and tell me that I wrote something really weird and I should delete it. Which of course I can’t do. You don’t go back on those things unless it’s a HUGE mistake.
OR! I will write something that I think is really insightful and I will be really excited for it to post, but once it does it just doesn’t seem as insightful as it was when I wrote it.
Quite the predicament.

Anyways, my blog isn’t as popular as I seem to play it up to people. The last three days I had over 100 views, I beat my highest view date on the 11th and then again on the 12th.
The only problem is after something like this happens, I feel an intense pressure to keep it going. To keep the views happening. Try and post at the same time. Try to keep coming up with new things to post about just so I can keep having people look at my blog, but what good is that really doing? Does it really matter if people are reading my ridiculous thoughts?

I originally started this blog because the man I was in love with for 4 years left me for another girl and suddenly I had no one to talk to.
With that in mind, the views don’t really matter. Which is lucky because they don’t last.

The blog is mostly a vent for me and also a way for me to keep entertained. So I suppose it is very silly to worry about things like views and subscriptions, but I think we all get caught up on that? Maybe. I think it would be hard not to when someone, such as I, spends so much time thinking about my blog and trying to write interesting posts.
The funny thing is, there will be times when I think I absolutely have nothing to talk about, like tonight, and then all of a sudden a 500 word post starts flying out of my finger tips. Not sure what it’s about.

What I’m getting at is that I had hoped to be more inspiring at some point. But Friday Nights at home can leave you feeling that way, I suppose.


4 thoughts on “Eh, Blogging

  1. I had one day that was a total anomaly and sort of makes me angry because my highest day has nothing to do with me…

    1,996 views on May 11, 2011 because I had written a blog post entitled “Quod me nutrit me destruit” or “whatever nourishes me destroys me” Well Angelina Jolie has that tattooed on herself and she must have been in the news that day because I got 1,772 hits from people searching for her. :/

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