Freshly Pressed Frustrations

Looking at the homepage of right now and one of those posts has been on there before. Not just one of the writers, because they do only use the same writers, but the exact same post.
How do I know?
I actually read that post a few months ago when it was on Freshly Pressed.  The exact same post. I’m not sure if it’s the same blogger, but it was the same post.

Uhh, I happen to know that there are plenty of good bloggers out there writing things to the point where we wouldn’t have to use the same bloggers multiple times, which they do all the freaking time. But to use the same blog post more than once on the Freshly Pressed? I’m sorry, that makes me really freaking mad.

And why is there always so many damn recipes up there? How many house moms sitting at home writing a cooking blog are there? I’ve been on maybe 602 of those blogs so far. I don’t know THAT many people who cook for fun who would be sitting around looking up recipes or even following recipes. In fact, I only can think of one person I know who does that and she doesn’t know how to even perform a Google search.
I have a theory that it is actually the same 20 ladies or so making 5 million different cooking blogs all the time with their little recipes. Cooking is really time-consuming.

Also, how many people are really traveling down to African type places and taking pictures or helping little children? Cause Freshly Pressed finds a lot of those people too. With the amount of posts they put up about that, I’m starting to think there are more white people in Africa now than there are Africans.

And don’t even get me started on the Fashion blog posts in the Freshly Pressed. That’s just silliness right there.

Anyways, I don’t ever plan on being featured in the Freshly Pressed. I can give you three good reasons why:

  1. I don’t write on a consistent topic enough to be featured in Freshly Pressed.
  2.  I also don’t have enough offspring, recipes or African people in my life.
  3. And I just don’t have the patience to review things. Especially when I don’t have the patience to keep the same opinion about said things.

I guess I just wish the Freshly Pressed was more interesting and that they wouldn’t recycle bloggers/posts. Which makes me seem like a jerk, because I basically just deemed  a few blogs boring. But still, I can’t delete that after the time it took me to type it out. Plus, I don’t have that big of a following, so I can say rude crap.
That’s how that works.



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