The worst part of being sick is getting better

I can elaborate cause that just seems like an oxymoron. Like I’m just spitting silliness at you.

When you are sick you feel like crap and then all of a sudden you are starting to feel better. BUT! You are not completely healed yet. So you still have to rest like you are sick, but your energy has returned or you are feeling well enough to carry on normal life.

I am now in this phase. I had help though.

At least they always say that it’s bad to take antibiotics. Apparently it acts as a crutch for your immune system instead of helping it. I always thought they were like immune boosters, but whatever.
I was sick for 4 and a half days before I took them and I was getting worse, apparently my immune system wasn’t good enough. And I am okay with that.

I swear antibiotics have steroids in them, because I felt great the next day. Not 100%, in fact I’m still not 100%, but great.

I have nothing else to add.


2 thoughts on “The worst part of being sick is getting better

  1. Actually a better explanation is the antibiotics kill the sick AND your immune system. Antibiotics actually beat your immune system down, so while they are necessary sometimes and they do make you better, they damage your immune system for the next bug.

    Basically, don’t get sick again for awhile. It’ll suck very badly if you do.

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