I Take This Very Seriously

Upon looking at my website stats, not blog, I noticed that today someone used the term “people who worked on allen king plant” to get to my website…..I could be that person for you. I’d like to think I’m versatile and very skilled in whatever it is required to work on a King Plant.
Honestly, I think I’m actually one of the preferred people to work on a King Plant. I’m one of the first people they call, it’s on my resume. Especially if the plant eats people like in Little Shop of Horrors.
A little known secret skill of mine is the fact that I am actually very good at not being eaten. Like scary good at it. You’d be impressed.
I would hope I’d get a lab coat, I already have the goggles.

In fact, now that a person has searched for this and come to my website, I’m rather disappointed in myself that I was NOT someone who worked on the Allen King plant.

Although, I wasn’t AS disappointed when I realized they searched Allen King plant and not Alien King plant. That was a heart breaker. I don’t even know who Allen King is, but I feel like he insulted me personally simply by NOT being an Alien King.
But then again, that’s everyone who insults me like that.


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