New Year’s Resolution #2

Now that I have lost quite a bit of weight, I’m going to buy a nice swimsuit this summer and go to the YMCA. That is where the guy I had a crush on in high school and the guys that used to make fun of me everyday in high school work.

This seems a bit petty of me, but I think every girl who was bigger in high school and was made fun of often dreams of the moment when she can lose weight and just rub it in those classmates faces.
Conveniently  for me, they all are still friends and pretty much work in the same place. (High school wasn’t that long ago for me)  AND! I still live 2 blocks away and have a membership to the YMCA. (They won’t sing the song for you, I’ve tried.)

Anyways, I guess the real goal is to keep my weight off. And lose a few more pounds. Seems fair enough.


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