Women’s “Panties”

First off, I hate the word panties. For some reason I find it embarrassing to say.

Anyways, I was hanging out in an online forum, which caused someone to email me. No big deal. Well, all of a sudden the guy starts asking me about whether it would bother me if I thought it was weird when a man wears women’s panties.

WOAH! Uhhhh…Wow.
Number one, I really didn’t know that men wear women’s underwear. I know some women wear men’s boxers. Personally I could never get into that, where does the extra fabric go? I have to push that down my pant leg and then it won’t stay. This is something I can’t hand when I am walking around. I don’t mind sleeping in boxers though. I have Led Zeppelin ones. They make me feel wild and crazy like.
I guess I never  considered that men would wear women’s underwear simply because THAT’S NOT COMFORTABLE! Women’s underwear is tight and most of the time not soft. Bigger problem, they are tight around places that would not be fun for a guy.

Number Two, unless you are a transvestite, do you really think that would be attractive to a girl? Both of you get undressed and you are wearing the same underwear. I’m sorry, but no matter how hard I would try, I would never consider a man very masculine after that situation.

Number Three, that guy who was talking to me totally wears women’s underwear. He said he didn’t, but why else would he bring it up? And to a stranger you met in a forum?
The whole time I wanted to keep a straight face. I really wanted to. Good thing the internet doesn’t reveal my facial expressions to people. I just winked at you.

Yeahhhh, I just wrote a whole post about underwear. That’s like half-way seducing each and every one of you.


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