The Christmas Barbie

Every year for Christmas my mother/Santa would get both my sister and I a Barbie each. I have an older sister. We are 18 months apart, meaning we were close enough for sibling rivalry to be pretty crazy.

Anyways, as a little girl (and still except I don’t play with them) I was very into Barbies. My sister was more into animals and stuffed animals and pretending to be an animal. Plus people didn’t want to play with me because I would always tell them how I wanted the story to go.

So every year my parents/Santa a Barbie each. It usually wasn’t the Holiday Barbie. I always thought she was so pretty, but guess what? You can’t freaking play with her. You’re just supposed to keep it in the box forever. No playing. What kind of lame Barbie is that? Especially why does she get the prettiest dresses if I couldn’t have sweet dinner parties for her? Make her dance with Ken. Come on.

Well anyways, because I was always more into Barbies than my sister, we always had to have different types of Barbies, because they would get confusing and we would fight over them. So we would always get different Barbies. Which would cause another reaction each year.
I remember one year in particular, I got a rain Barbie with an umbrella that actually shot water out the top and rain boots. My sister got a skateboarding that came with a ramp and helmet. Well, I loved my Barbie so much and had such a good time with it that my sister wanted to trade. So we traded. Well then when I started having so much with her original Barbie that she wanted to trade again. We would go back and forth for about 2 weeks until finally one would stick.

Oh Childhood…


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