Twilight Conspiracy Theories

After watching all 4 movies…..I don’t think that Edward even loves Bella. Translation: The vampire doesn’t love the human girl.

He just acts super weird and smothering and she eats it up. He doesn’t appear loving, but condescending and indifferent. I wouldn’t want to be treated that way. If I had a boyfriend who treated me like that, I would think he didn’t like me.

Also, I really don’t want to watch people on their honeymoons. It’s just awkward. Especially to sit and watch them talk about the sex they just had. I’m sure that’s much better in the moment, but as a third-party observer, a little awkward.

I do like the movies though, but apparently I’m a horrible girl. Apparently my view on love is different than…almost every girl I know.


5 thoughts on “Twilight Conspiracy Theories

  1. I completely agree with you on this!come on,there are only two reasons why he was interested in her in the first place.1:her blood smelt amazing.2:he couldn’t read her mind.

  2. I read somewhere that Stephenie Meyer made Bella like that so that alot of girls can put themselves in her place. She has no personality because it’s a fictional book :) I liked the books at first, but i then started to really anaylze it,and well yeah. I wasn’t such a fan after.

    1. Eh, I’ve learned not to analyze these things. I only end up getting upset. I just always found it weird that two guys were super crazy in love with her and she has no personality.

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