Self Defeating Habits

Secret confession that probably everyone can guess: I totally lurk people who were once my friends or who I once had intimate feelings for.

This is obviously something that I have seen people make fun of various times. Therefore they don’t know they are making fun of me, but that’s fine.

Did I sit and call my ex after he broke up with me? Yes but not all at once. Only like 10 times over the last year. The last time was over 6 months ago, so don’t worry about that. He doesn’t answer, obviously. I have lurked his Facebook though and he is still in a relationship. I lurked myself, I’m still not.
Where things like that happen, people always want you to think “Oh, but it will happen to you someday.” That doesn’t help me. I have found online a place where I can hire a guy to be my Facebook boyfriend for 5 dollars. It wasn’t even tempting really, I just happened to see that.

I know this comes off as pathetic. I’d like to think it is part of the healing process. The getting over it process. But it really just happens when I’m depressed, bored and/or lonely.

So, just for an update, two of the guys that broke my heart this year are now married. Not to me.
My ex has been in his relationship for a year now, so going with her was the better choice apparently.
And my ex-best friend who screwed me is enjoying Oklahoma.

Good. Great. I think I’m losing here. Just saying.


One thought on “Self Defeating Habits

  1. It just makes you sad. Instead, come downstairs and help me sabbatoge my recent ex by shutting off his cellphone :) Or atleast the one he has at his house and turning one on here because in reality it would be $700 to shut it off, ha.

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