Man, that was just bad luck all around.

Occasionally something really serendipitous will happen. But bad. Now I am not talking about myself right now, but I am discussing a nightmare for any child who is going through grade school. I’ll explain.

Yesterday my mother had to go to the dentist. I’m sure it was to get something filled or her teeth pulled out, I missed that part of the story. My mother, who is a teacher, was sitting in the waiting room where she saw another teacher.
Who should it be but my 12-year-old brother’s English teacher? What are the odds?
BUT! Even better, she happened to be grading papers at that moment. Tests. And who’s should come up as they are talking? My 12-year-old brother’s. And he did not do well. He missed 12 out of 36 on the test. That’s a D.
Imagine the talk she had with him when she got him. Good thing it wasn’t me, because I could sit back and truly enjoy the discussion where the Novocaine was still active and half of her mouth was numb.

It must not have been my brother’s day, because really? What are the odds that all of that would happen in the same waiting room? Fail.


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