How well did you REALLY think that was going to turn out for you?


Okay, I really don’t ever say boys are idiots or girls are better. Why?

Well for one, I don’t understand boys OR girls enough to make an educated decision on which is smarter. Sometimes I think I am just from another planet cause obviously I don’t act like guys but I don’t act like most girls either. But that’s another story filled with a lot of talking about myself which is lame.

Second reason I wouldn’t make such a judgement is because if I had to choose between a guy or a girl, I would most likely choose a guy. Cause I’m straight.

BUT anyways, what I was getting at is there is one thing I’ve seen guys do often (usually with me) that I find very idiotic and peculiar. I have this standing rule that I really don’t become friends or really close with a guy who has a girlfriend. I would think the reasons for this would be obvious, but apparently not.
I don’t become friends with guys who have a girlfriend because I have been told before “You are so much prettier than her, he should be with you.” Imagine how awkward it was the next time he tried to walk up and talk to me was. I don’t want to steal a boyfriend and I seriously don’t think it’s up to other people about who someone else should be dating.
Except me, I retain the right to decide who other people date. Especially my siblings.

BUT! Another huge reason why I’m not about to become friends with a guy because if I had a boyfriend, I sure as hell wouldn’t want him running around with some other girl. Okay, go date her.
I’m a jealous being.

Most of the time, when I have a friend who gets a girlfriend, I stop talking to him so much. I feel it’s only respectful to her. Especially if we have ever liked each other.
But what usually happens is then the guy then starts wanting to talk to me even more than before. What the heck? Go talk to your girlfriend.

In my defense, I most definitely state to a guy who may be my friend that I’m not into that. I tell them that I’m not going to be super close with someone who has a girlfriend. Now if I was a good friend with both him AND her, that’s something different.

Why is it that guys sit and want to be friends with other girls or sit and talk to other girls when they have a girlfriend? I can understand if it’s his sister or someone he has known since he was 2, but other than that I really just feel that he should not sit and be all buddy buddy with another girl.
But then again, I am a jealous being. So I only imagine everyone else is.

I don’t know how to end this post, I just had to get it out of my system.  </rant>


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