Okay UPS guy…

So, the invention of tracking your mail was pretty cool I guess. But for me, it makes me anxious. Anxious when it says “To Be Delivered By the End of the Day”
I’m sorry, I think the tracker should give me a time. Why? Well I was expecting a package today and it came at 6:30 pm! They stop delivering at 7. I needed that package by tomorrow and I was very nervous. I almost called UPS. I left my door open to wait for him. As a matter of fact, I met the  UPS guy at the door and thanked him. He felt uncomfortable, I saw it.

One time, my father was waiting for his check to be delivered to his office to pick it up. Well as we were leaving his office parking lot, I saw an UPS guy driving down the street. I convinced my father to follow him, so we would know when he could pick up his check. We followed him for 10 blocks before my father gave up, I’m not sure why. I thought it was fun.

Mail is serious business to me. But yeah, if you’re an UPS guy, there is a very HIGH chance I’m stalking you. I’m that creepy.

This post was scheduled, I’m not actually doing this now.

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