Okay, What is this tomfoolery?

It looks like an apple. It feels like an apple. It rolls like an apple. But SURPRISE! It tastes like a grape.
What is this? What are we doing with this? That’s not natural. Or maybe it is. WIKIPEDIA!

Yeah, it’s an apple that has been specially treated to taste like a grape. Meaning they injected it with something, like they did to you when you were 5 before you could go to school. Yeah, and look how you turned out.
Maybe I’m just dirty, but anytime someone says “specially treated” or even “special treatment” it’s either sexual, spiteful or just out of a horror movie motel. Those are my favourite.

My mother brought some home the other day. I was very confused at what was happening in that little bushel of fruit like substance. Now did it taste good? Yes, it did. Tasted like a whole vine of apples…No, wait.

I don’t have much to say on the subject of Grapples other than;

  1.  An apple that tastes like a grape? Really? That is the most random thing I’ve ever heard of.
  2. I don’t want your sexual treatment in my mouth. I mean special.

That is all.


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