They ended up together

I’m always so curious at the first impressions of people who are in love or married. I think love at first sight happens, just not that often. So it’s always great when you get some random, bad first impression of people who are in a relationship.

For example, my mother’s first impression of my father was:

Ew a truck driver, I bet he has bad vocabulary.

Funny thing is, my dad is a handsome dude and my mother isn’t a snob. So why these were her first thoughts, I’m not even sure. Obviously they ended up together and have managed to stay together for 27 years. That’s weird. What’s not weird is that my father was interested.

My mother happened to be catering his sister’s wedding….in a french maid outfit. Hmmm. If you’re wondering if this is awkward for me, the answer is yes. Yes it is.


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