Blue Screen of Death

So, tonight my computer crashed. Super fun, I know. Obviously I’m having a really good day. I suppose this was to be expected when you buy a computer that was built more for personal uses and not the higher functions that are sometimes required in my job. But I was on a budget a year ago. When a computer only lasts a year, you know you have been working it too hard. I realized this about a month ago, that I was approaching a crash. Yet I didn’t expect it this soon, even though I was expecting it.

Despite expecting it, it is always frustrating for someone who works with computers when you have a difficulty on your own computer. Especially one that you can’t fix within an hour. It makes you feel like you are a fraud, to be honest. Like maybe you should quit your job as well, or at least this is what I was feeling when it happened.
Just between you and me, plus the rest of the internet, I totally cried over it. Yeah, I cried over my computer.
I had a friend once who would say a eulogy every time my phone would die, so I feel a little crying isn’t unwarranted. Plus, I’m still a girl. These things are upsetting.

Anyways, I’m now backing up my files and then try to somehow recover some uses of my computer. Either way, I shall be needing a new one. I am currently using my mother’s computer. I will be in Circuit City by tomorrow for sure. I blame Nevada Day.


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