I don’t even need your drugs.

So every morning I get woken up at around 5:45 a.m. to take my high school brother to school. (The perks of living at home still?) It’s not that big of a deal, but I’m generally not fully awake when we go. Yet my driving skills are impeccable. Obviously.

Well, we live in the Northwest part of Vegas. There are no shiny lights. Just a really dark highway, desert and a mountain. We are still in the city, but far enough out that it looks like we are not depending on where you go. I’m pretty much sure every city has a spot like that, so you should catch my drift. My brother’s school is far up that highway close to the mountain. Lots of desert around.

To keep myself awake I like listening to music at full blast. Actually I just do that anyways. But today I was listening to one of those CDs everyone has where they really only know 2 songs by the artists so you just listen to those two over and over again.

I’m trying to set a scene here for you guys. Follow along.

So I am driving along this dark highway with no one around, desert on both sides of us. My 16-year-old brother sitting next to me with his headphones in, so he would be oblivious to every thing around him.

Next thing I know a crazy song comes on with a series of loud pipes playing in an ominous way along with a singer who you have no freaking clue what he is saying. Most I got was the word “desire”. What are my first thoughts in my delirium at 5 in the morning? “We are being abducted by aliens. Bout freaking time. I’ve only lived in the desert for 15 years.”

Then next thing I know there is a loud bass section, the kind that shakes the entire car. Most of our speakers are in the back of the car, so my thoughts then turn to “They are taking us from behind, damn cowards.”

I actually even started picturing some huge beam of light around our car. Turns out it was street lights, but I’m a psycho. Whatever.

Now maybe it was just my sleeping pills still in my system, BUT here I am driving along in the pitch black with desert on both sides of us, listening to a song that literally makes me believe I’m being abducted by aliens. And I am so freaking glad that my 16-year-old brother, who was oblivious, was being taken with me cause then no one would ever believe that shiz.

But when I reached his school and was yet to be abducted, I was disappointed. He seemed fine with the fact that we were still on Earth though. Just got out like it was no B d. So, after I drove away, I turned on the song again.


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