Bad Not-Parenting

When I was younger  I remember once being in a store and extremely thirsty, I live in the desert you see. BUT! My mother did not want to pay the money for me to have a drink, so being extremely clever and “helpful”, my older sister told me that by sucking my thumb, eventually soda would come out and I wouldn’t be thirsty anymore. Thus starting my thumb-sucking phase at age 5. What can I say? I’m a late bloomer and EXTREMELY gullible.

I remember years later, when I had grown out of my nasty habit, hearing that sucking your thumb pushes your front teeth forward and is a terrible thing to do. The memory of my sisters advice came back to me head on. That chick.

It’s not terribly uncommon in a family of my size (Two parents, 6 kids) that the math usually ends up (2 parents, 6 other parents). Why I put this “math” in parenthesis, I have no clue.
Anyways, the problem with growing up in a big family is there are so many freaking parents around it can often time become suffocating. And if you were ever wondering anyones opinion, just kidding you don’t have to because they are going to tell you anyways. No b d.

Such extra parenting cause mass confusion in the children’s lives. That’s what happened to me, I’m sure. OH! And my teeth were magically unaffected by my make-shift soda fountain.



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