Screen Protectors are a Ridiculousness that I can’t handle.

So, as I previously mentioned, I just got my first smart phone. Well, I worry about it. So I bought it a case and some screen protectors. And yes, I am referring to my new phone as an “it”. I’m pretty sure it’s a boy though, but I haven’t asked it recently.

Besides my obvious personification, I am really trying to take care of this phone. Cause if I break it, that’s 400 dollars that I’m not about to spend on another one. Yeah I bought insurance, but now I question the stability of the insurance I bought. I’m paranoid, what can I say?

Excuse me while I rant though.

So this screen protector looked like it would be a bit of a pain. So I youtubed it, followed the directions to a T and 20 minutes later, I still have six bubbles (yeah, I counted). REALLY?! Six bubbles? So I spend another 20 minutes. I now I have seven bubbles.

I honestly am beginning to believe that there is no way to put on a screen protector without dust or bubbles. I’m sure some 13-year-old in Massachusetts has figured it out, but unless he is coming over to do it for me, I really don’t care.

I’ve decided to stop playing with it and live with my bubbles. Because HEY! It all looks the same in the dark.
(I’m pretty sure I did not use that saying correctly, but we are just gonna roll with it.)


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