If you are curious about my well-being…

I’m pretty sure I have caught Swine Flu or the Bubonic Plague or something really serious that feels like I’m dying. My nose is runny, my eyes are watering, my back and neck feel like death and my stomach hurts like no bodies business. Also, my arms feel like they are going to fall off.

I once read this short story online where an alien race came down from Earth and infected this girl with a virus that caused her to carry their alien eggs. The way they described her stomach hurting was a lot like how  mine is hurting right now.

SO! When aliens take over the world, you can all blame me for that. Except I will be their queen bee and you all will be dead. So I’m not all that worried about it. Maybe I will get them to spare some people, maybe I won’t.

Either way, I feel like I’m dying today.

Oh By the way, twitter followers might be spared:  


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