So I got my new smart phone. It broke, had to go through a lengthy process to get an exchange for it. Anyways, yesterday when I received my new smart phone, I went through the process of re-downloading all my apps.

Then I signed in to Facebook where it asked me if I wanted to sync all my friends. I said yes, I don’t mind it syncing with them. If only it would lip-sync with all my Facebook friends, then I would truly be impressed.
Anyways, after I went in to my contacts I noticed that I had a mass influx of contacts. Suddenly I had the phone number of multiple people that I did not have before, simply because they are my Facebook friends. That’s creepy in my mind. I really don’t want these people’s numbers. I really don’t even want them as Facebook friends, but that’s a good way to lose real life friends is by unfriending people on Facebook. I know, I’ve tried it. And as if I would ever just call someone who’s number I got from Facebook rather than from the actual person.
What an awkward conversation.

Anyways, this should lead to some interesting butt calls.


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