You make too much sense guy

So I’ve been mucking about a lot lately. Not really doing anything in particular seeing as things haven’t been working out so well. Strangely, I feel this sense of unaccomplishment in my life. Like I’m wasting it or something. I start school again on Monday, so that should help maybe.

Anyways, through my silliness I have still made time to talk to Justin T. Brown. Okay that is a lie, I haven’t made time for him as much as he has made time for me. Unfortunately for him I have made him my sort of role model/mentor. Lately I have been telling him all my problems and like some wonderful oracle, he tells me his solutions. I’m not sure how it is working, but I feel better.

I was telling him all my little plans that I wanted to accomplish and how I was scared to put myself out there with my creativity and such. It’s kind laughable cause he asked me if I had many followers. I told him no. So he said that there won’t be that many people to worry about embarrassing myself in front.
I’m sure I should feel more depressed about that but honestly I just find it funny.

It’s always nice to find someone logical in this world cause I have very unlogical ways. Balance and such.


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