I bought my first ever smart phone.

So I have finally taken myself off of my parents cell phone plan and got my own. Oh Yeah, growing up. I’ve  never been that into phones or I-pods.
BUT! My sister is. She knows all of the phones inside and out. She is also one of those people who needs to have the very best phone or she is not satisfied.

So this morning she says to me

My sister: Are you excited about your new phone? It comes today.
Me: Not really
My sister: Why not? You’ve been phoneless for days.
Me: Yeah, and no one talks to me.

I guess that has always been my view on getting a new phone, no one really talks to me on my phone so there really is no point in me getting some super fancy phone.

Well I got the phone when I got home from work at around 5 o’clock and even though I work with technology and on computers, even though I am the go to person for my family when it comes to technological stuff….my sister had to help me turn the phone on.
Embarrassing? Yes. Very.

So now I have this super advanced phone named the HTC Evo 3D. Where they came up with that one, I have no freaking clue. But it’s my first smart phone and it’s an android and it’s everything my sister ever wanted.

Now what the hell do I do with it?


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