Why people believe in Karma.

To start off, I am very angry at the moment. So please take this post in the context that it was written. Which would be me wanting to rip someone’s head off. Someone in particular though. Also this could mean that my ideas won’t be half as eloquent as usual and there will probably be a rant in here somewhere.

I have heard some people who have really bashed on karma and the idea that what goes around comes around. It is hard to believe that there is some grand rhythm in the universe that connects us all, that we are synchronized and what one thing someone does will cause something else of the same energy to take place to them again.

Okay, that’s just sounds crazy. Either that or I don’t explain it well. But I understand the concept and I personally believe in it.

Why? Well take my current situation, here comes the rant.

You come across a pathetic, whiny, douche bag who pretends to be your friend and uses you when they have a problem and the drops you like yesterdays trash. No matter what you say it won’t affect this person because they have no soul.
So karma is comforting in the fact that you can’t do something horrible in retaliation to the person, but one day they will “get theirs’.

The only problem with this philosophy though is that when these things are happening to you, it implies that you have done something in the past to deserve this amount of treatment.
If so, I’m curious as to what I have done.

The philosophy is flawed. Basically what I’m getting at is someone out there is a horrible person. In a nice way.


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