My thoughts on 9/11

It was very recently when I saw someone post a twitter this blog where people could post where they were on 9/11. I posted my story and looking now, it did not make the cut. Well that’s why I have my own freaking blog, you well-intentioned douche bags.

Ten years ago I was 9 years old and in the 3rd grade. I remember I was getting ready for school when my father pulled me into the den to watch the news. I remember sitting there with my brother’s and sisters watching these buildings on fire. My parents forgot to mention what we were looking at. I had never heard of the twin towers.
Then I remember another building and suddenly a plane crashing into it. I remember the glass shattering all through the air, making it sparkly. I thought of fairy dust in my 3rd grade mind.
The news caster was talking so fast he sounded like an auctioneer. My mother started crying and my father shook his head. Seeing them this upset, I turned to my father and said the one thing that was preoccupying my 3rd grade mind.
“So, does this mean we get to stay home from school?”

It did not. Looking back now with understanding of the situation, I really wish I had a more emotional reaction to the situation. Now i can cry over it in a heartbeat. 3rd graders can be such robots sometimes.

A couple of nights ago my younger brother who is 12 was given the homework assignment to interview his mother or his father about 9/11. He asked the question “Do you know anyone who was directly affected by 9/11?” my father replied with “I was.” My younger brother then corrected him saying “No, only people who were there were directly affected.”
This is a lie.  Everyone was directly affected by 9/11. It changed the world. Now obviously those who were there had a more direct effect, but still. The world would be a whole different, probably better place if 9/11 didn’t happen.

The last question my brother asked was “Do you think America will ever be the same?” my father replied that he hoped not, that he hoped that we had learned and could prevent these things now.
I agree, except I feel like every year people are reliving the attack. Parents won’t let their children go to school. People cry. Visit the site. Reopen up memories of the attack.
Remembrance is good, but it is a lot of pain to go through every year.

It’s been 10 years now. Time is so quick when you are look back. I think about how my youngest sister wasn’t even alive when it happened. And I think about my youngest brother who is interviewing my father was only 2. He probably doesn’t remember a thing. I can see me in the future, one of my children interviewing me about 9/11. What it was like to be alive when it happened and what my thoughts were that day and when I saw the 2nd plane crash.

I’m gonna have to change my story.


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