I’m sick of this discrimination!

I’m in the market to buy some new pajama pants. The ones I have are getting old and not as soft and such. Plus I’ve lost weight, so they are getting baggy as well. I mean, I like my pajama pants baggy, but when you are swimming in them, there’s a problem.

So I’ve been looking around for the right pair. Wal-mart, Target, online etc etc etc. I don’t take my sleepwear seriously, but I’m indecisive. I’ve seen some pretty cute pajama pants. I’ve also seen some pretty comfy looking ones.
There is one thing I have noticed though. Generally men’s pajamas have pockets whereas women’s do not. It’s the same with sweats. I NEED pockets.
I don’t understand why women wouldn’t need a pocket in their lounging wear. And if the pajamas do have a pocket, it is so small that I could barely fit a lego guy in there. Not that I have a bunch of lego guys. Honestly it was just the first thing popped into my head when I thought of pajama pants pockets.

But anyways, What the heck? So because I’m a girl I don’t have things I want to put in my pockets and fall asleep with? COME ON!


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