Did you know there is a whole lot of Star Wars hallucianting going on?

I was on twitter yesterday, because I have so much fun on there. I follow a Darth Vader account, I’m lame like that. Although I never particularly understand what said account posts about. Another person who’s tweets I don’t understand would be Yoko Ono’s, I have no clue what she is talking about. Anyways I mostly don’t understand this Darth Vader account because they don’t post about anything of relevance to the Star Wars I know. Yet I continue to follow because Hey, it’s Darth Vader.

Well yesterday this Darth Vader account retweeted something from a twitter account called vaderssecretary. My curiosity was piqued even though I still didn’t understand the post. When I clicked on the twitter profile and then later this person’s blog, I found out that there is a whole role-playing community of people pretending they are from Star Wars. I must have seen about 20 different profiles of role players. When I was lurking this community, I suddenly realized why none of “Darth Vader’s” posts make sense to me, because role playing Corrie Kartchner is a horrible choice in a Star Wars character. I don’t even think she was in the movie.
Now I love Star Wars, a lot. I keep a light saber in my purse for good measure. I’ve dressed up as a Jedi before on more than one occasion. I can geek out, not as good as some people, but good enough. But when I read through “Vader’s Secretary”s blog, my mind immediately thought “This is embarrassing.”
Now obviously it’s not as embarrassing as I thought because “Vader’s Secretary” has 2,362 followers on Twitter when I only have 11. Maybe I’m too judgemental and role-playing is a universally accepted thing. All the kids are doing it nowadays.

One thing I will say about role-playing though is, isn’t it hard to always be pretending you are someone else? Isn’t it hard to make up love affairs with people online that will never truly work out? Is there any satisfaction in typing *hugs you* instead of physically going and hugging a person?
I don’t say this as another judgement, I really want to know. Because as for me, I think I would get frustrated eventually. But then again, if I had 2,362 followers I might not be as frustrated about it.


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