Oh Dear

Obviously I’m not the happiest I could be all the time and sometimes I post depressing thoughts that I have had. I once had someone walk up to me and tell me that I just sounded like a whiny, cynical person on my blog. It caused me to stop writing posts that lean toward the sadder side of things.
Now I’m not so sure this was a good idea. First off, it’s my blog still. Also, everyone gets down, it happens. I don’t see anything wrong with writing about that if it’s not the ONLY thing I write about. I try to be positive and work on my happiness, just like everyone else. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If people don’t like it, well I’m not forcing you to read my blog. Quite the opposite really. I started a blog because I had no one to talk to and even though now this isn’t the case, it still is here for me to write some of the stuff I find hard to say to someone.
Does it worry me that I’m posting it for the world to see? A lot less than it should.

Hello, my name is Corrie and I have sad thoughts sometimes.


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