Let’s Hope this Goes More Smoothly.

Yesterday I heard a lot about finances and using a budget. Lately my money has been going rather quickly and I have been kinda down about my spending habits. So hearing all these people talk about budgets yesterday made me think that I might have to get it in gear and write down everything I am spending so I can know where I am at. They also mentioned that using cash instead of your card will help but I am not completely ready to get that financial.

Well I got paid this morning and this check seems more promising because when I saw that I had been paid, there was a sudden rush of everything I had to buy coming into my head. So I am hoping that I am getting better at these things. I also think my finances will last longer now that I am not working in an office where I get a lunch break and I feel the need to buy myself food. Eating out will kill your wallet so many times over.
Basically all I am planning on buying is new contacts and gifts for certain members of my family who are having birthdays this month. That is all.

OH! And it’s the first of the month, so I will be taking my new piggy bank and turning in the coins. I am expecting about 10 dollars out of it, but I am still excited.


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