And then I just said “Hello”

It’s funny how when we are having an off day, we can space it so easily.
When you work a desk job (which I currently am) you get used to answering the phone a specific way over and over again. So much so, that it gets to the point where I get a call on my cell and I answer it that same way. It throws people off and then I have to explain that I am Corrie Kartchner and they did not just call an Insurance Company.

Well I just answered the phone here at work with just a Hello. It totally threw off the customer and me. It was kinda awkward and I just thought I would share.


2 thoughts on “And then I just said “Hello”

  1. I relate. As a Law Enforcement Officer even I am subject to dramatic change in my personal life. As the creed goes “we” must uphold our personal and public life to higher standards than the average joe. Seems awesome, but it isn’t. We can’t wear certain things in public or attend certain events that interest “us”. Yes, this stands for us in the United States.

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