If I were going to date a Zombie

It would be John Lennon. I can honestly say I love him. The problem is, that makes me sound like a conformist. Which I might be, not going to lie. I just find him to be brilliant, like most the world. I even find him to be attractive, which I hear is awkward.
Anyways, I just thought it was extremely important for everyone to know, if for someone reason I had to date and/or marry a zombii, it would be John Lennon.
I just think it’s very important that we discuss how things will be during the Zombii Apocalypse so no one is surprised when these things happened. We don’t need shocked Undead running around. That’s just silliness.

Lookin Fine

Fun fact, the real spelling of  zombie is with two Is and no Es. Like Zombii. I always spell like that since I learned that when reading a book a year ago. You can imagine what insightful literature I was reading that day. (I just winked at you)


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