Yes, you are all original

So tonight I just so happened to be lurking Facebook. I haven’t done that in a while.

You know the drill though
My friend added someone who liked someone’s status who is friends with someone who has someone else tagged in their profile picture. And suddenly you are looking at 16 year olds in Kentucky. At least that is what happened to me tonight.

Well, when I looked at these 16 year olds, all of them looked exactly the same even though they appear to be striving to be different. They all had some off-colour hair like blue or green. They all had facial piercing and they all wore about the same looking clothing. Now these were all teenagers who hopefully will grow up and change, but it just left me thinking.

So many times when people strive to be different, they end up looking like all the other people who are striving to be different. And the worst part of the whole thing is,  most people can tell that you are trying to be different. And it kinda is sad. That’s all.



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