I may be a masochist…

After everything that has happened. All the sick things you said about me. All the humiliating moments I had with you. All the nights I cried myself to sleep. All the hate I have for you. When all this is said and done…….I miss you.

I miss you so freaking bad. All of you.
I have been numbing myself for awhile now, keeping myself from truly progressing and feeling the things I should be. And the second I stop, the first thing that hits me is how much I need you.

I ache for you. I know things would be great again. I just know it.
I was really pathetic last time you saw me. But now I’m the new improved model of myself. I’ve upgraded. You’ll love it. My hair is the kind of red you love, it will cheer you up.

I know you have to miss me as much as I miss you. You just have to. It’s obvious. How could you not?

But then I remember that it was you who didn’t want me. It was you who decided that you’d had enough. Even though I hated you like it was me, it was still you. You’re probably really happy right now.

But I can’t help but feel like in the back of your mind you are missing me too. Cause in my mind, we are totally two peas in a pod. We just fell out of the pod for a long time. Well I’ve jump back in, I need you to come with me. Because I ache to hear you just say one word to me.
Please, you are the only person I know who gets me. And I get you, you told me a million times. I need that. I need it right now. So as lame as it is, this is me calling out to you. And if you are listening to the universe at all, and if I have any left over wishes, you’ll call back and I’ll make sure you don’t hit my voicemail. Because I need you.

Oh Look, Corrie’s being pathetic again. Surprise Surprise. Weak.


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