Does this facial expression make me look like a glazed donut?

Have you ever heard someone say “Then their eyes glazed over and I knew they weren’t listening.”?

Well I’ve  never seen someone’s eyes “glaze over” . I mean you can usually tell when someone is not listening to you, but I’ve never seen eyes glaze over. Ridiculous.

I often wonder if my eyes are glazing over as I am talking to people. Even though I am listening, sometimes I feel like I can feel my eyes glazing over, probably from hyper-focussing. Today I was talking to someone and they were telling me a long story and even though I was listening, I couldn’t help but wonder if  my face looked like I was listening.
I have been told I wear my heart on my sleeve many times, but I often wonder if my sleeve is showing things that my heart really isn’t feeling. That could be disastrous.

So what I need is for someone to hide cameras around and then engage me in conversation so we can see what my facial expressions look like when you talk to me. Then we can post it on YouTube.


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