Shh, Don’t Sing!

I often look at the people around me and watch them judge other people.
Because I’m sorry, no matter what you tell people about judging, you definitely judge everyone you meet. Even saying I love you is a judgement, whether you like it or not.

Now, if we are all judging people all the time, how is it that some people are pegged as “non-judgemental” and others aren’t?

There is something that I have learned very recently about judging or even just the world in general.
People have always found me to be very “non-judgemental” and also very sweet. Very recently I was in a class where they asked what traits we wished we could have. I raised my hand and said that I wished I was a nicer person. After the class, I had multiple people come up to me and tell me that I didn’t need to work on being nicer, that I was already extremely nice. That I was just being silly.

Also a couple of weeks ago, I vocalized my opinion about how I felt about someone’s style. I was shocked when suddenly everyone turned on me and got extremely angry with me. And the more people who found out about it, the more people got angry with me. Dangit.
So, what is the problem there?

I vocalized what I was thinking. I’ve realized that people don’t get mad at people for judging other people, cause most of the time we are all thinking the same freaking thing. We get mad at the person who vocalizes the judgemental thoughts. We are mad that someone brought to light the cruel things that we secretly think.

Now, do I truly believe that everyone is a bully and thinking cruel things about others? No. Because there truly are people out there who look at a person for who they are and not judge them on any superficial fleeting things. I strive to be this person. But now I just realize that this means checking my thoughts instead of just not talking crap.
Food for thought?


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