My Idea About Age

I recently got a comment on here where someone mentioned that they “Liked My Idea About Age”. But I have never fully mentioned my thoughts on age and why I am not very interested in the concept of it.

First off I would like to say, that if you aren’t getting it by now, I do read my comments and I do think about them. So it is a very good idea to leave me comments, because most of the time they lead me to my next post or even to my next friendship. I love comments and I take them seriously.

So, what is my idea about age?
I guess I have always felt that age is irrelevant in alot of cases. So many times people sit and tell me that “I am too young” or they are condecending with me because they are older. That’s fine, people need their sense of importance from somewhere.
But I feel that age really doesn’t mean anything, it really is just a number.

The best way to explain would be through an example.

The other day a man I know was complaining about all the rights they give to 18 year olds as adults. He complained that 18 was just too young for those responsibilites.
18 years is a long time. People can gain tons of experience in 18 years.

If you were looking for a doctor for a serious surgery, you would probably investigate them pretty throroughly. You wouldn’t want a doctor who had only one year experience. You really wouldn’t want a doctor who had only 5 years experience. You might go for a doctor who has 10 years experience, but not if you could have a doctor with 18 years experience.
Now this can be tricky though. What kind of “experience” does this doctor have 18 years of?
Do they have 18 years of working in the E.R., doing very dangerous operations in stresful situations? Savings lives everyday?
OR! Do they have 18 years experience working in a private practice? Watching TV in a break room and giving boy scout’s physicals?

Now, when I was 18 I was closer to the E.R. doctor in experience. But most people are the other type.
I feel age isn’t a very good basis to judge a persons character or thoughts. Good.


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